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Bible Study - Reading Plans

There are dozens of Bible Reading plans available.

Here are links to a few.

The M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan - four chapters per day, taking you through the bible in one year. You will read from different parts of the bible each day. This has the advantage of not getting you bogged down or discouraged in some of the more challening parts of the Bible, such as Leviticus.

Three-a-day and five on Sunday Plan - this plan has you read 3 chapters on weekdays and 5 on Sundays. There are several Bible translations to choose from, and several other plans on the site.

Bible Gateway - there are several different plans avaiable, including an audio one, from several different ttranslations.

American Bible Society Reading Plans - several to chose from, including two for the Apocrypha, a Chronological one, and one that takes you through the Bible in a year.

New Testament in 90 Days

Overview of 23 Different Plans - a podt from a blog that gives a good overview of 23 different readsing plans



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