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What We Believe - Our Outline of Faith or Catechism

3. The Old Covenant

Q: What is meant by a covenant with God?
A: A covenant is a relationship initiated by God, to which a body of people responds in faith.

Q: What is the Old Covenant?
A: The Old Covenant is the one given by God to the Hebrew people.

Q: What did God promise them?
A: God promised that they would be his people to bring all the nations of the world to him.

Q: What response did God require from the chosen people?
A: God required the chosen people to be faithful; to love justice, to do mercy, and to walk humbly with their God.

Q: Where is this Old Covenant to be found?
A: The covenant with the Hebrew people is to be found in the books which we call the Old Testament.

Q: Where in the Old Testament is God's will for us shown most clearly?
A: God's will for us is shown most clearly in the Ten Commandments.

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