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What We Believe - Our Outline of Faith or Catechism

6. God the Son

Q: What do we mean when we say that Jesus is the only Son of God?
A: We mean that Jesus is the only perfect image of the Father, and shows us the nature of God.

Q: What is the nature of God revealed in Jesus?
A: God is love.

Q: What do we mean when we say that Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and became incarnate from the Virgin Mary?
A: We mean that by God's own act, his divine Son received our human nature from the Virgin Mary, his mother.

Q: Why did he take our human nature?
A: The divine Son became human, so that in him human beings might be adopted as children of God, and be made heirs of God's kingdom.

Q: What is the great importance of Jesus' suffering and death?
A: By his obedience, even to suffering and death, Jesus made the offering which we could not make; in him we are freed from the power of sin and reconciled to God.

Q: What is the significance of Jesus' resurrection?
A: By his resurrection, Jesus overcame death and opened for us the way of eternal life.

Q: What do we mean when we say that he descended to the dead?
A: We mean that he went to the departed and offered them also the benefits of redemption.

Q: What do we mean when we say that he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father?
A: We mean that Jesus took our human nature into heaven where he now reigns with the Father and intercedes for us.

Q: How can we share in his victory over sin, suffering, and death?
A: We share in his victory when we are baptized into the New Covenant and become living members of Christ.

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